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In the mid-nineties, at the edge of the vineyard “The Round”, was found a term of border (stone that is used to define the boundaries of a property), antique look, with carved on a letter “M” with a crown .
Thanks to the research that followed, a fascinating history emerged, which began in the mid-sixteenth century.
In 1567, in fact, it attracted also by the high quality of the wines produced and the vast vineyards, a branch of the dynasty of the Medici Grand Duke of Florence, moved to the Kingdom of Naples, by purchasing the estate of Ottajano (which then included the territory of San Giuseppe and Terzigno). Since that time, for centuries to come, the Doctors of Ottajano lived as protagonists the historical and political events of the Kingdom of Naples.
Among the descendants Cav. Luigi de ‘Medici became particularly honored in politics, several times Prime Minister of the Kingdom.

It is said that these, as they have in the basement of the residence Neapolitan wine vineyards Vesuvius suitable for official dinners of the nobility, he left to his favourite nephew Giuseppe de ‘Medici, in addition to his immense wealth, it is also responsible for ensuring that the wines become worthy vesuviani major boards.
Joseph IV Medici took talent and capital in “immegliamento” wine Vesuvius, unifying methods of cultivation and production techniques, and in a few years played the role assigned in a magnificent way, leaving imprinted forever in those lands the mark of his noble family .
No coincidence that today, almost two centuries later, the letter M “crowned” has become the logo of our company. Symbol of the passion and commitment of those who preceded us and inspiration for all our future project.

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