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Man’s passions have roots in fire

In the shadow of Vesuvius, in the land that was of great peoples and noble dynasties, with dedication we take care of the vineyards and collect fine grapes. It’s a passion tempered by the force of nature, which produces wines with unique and inimitable character.

Our history

Bosco De’ Medici cellar is the story of two families, Palomba and Monaco. It was built with a strong emotional connection after a long partnership, that ended up by making Nonno Raffaele’s dream come true. Raffaele Palomba wrote the first chapter of this journey: his passion for growing grapes brought him to buying his first vineyard on the slopes of Mt. Vesuvius. In the ‘70s Raffaele completely devoted himself to those lands where he produced high quality grapes that immediately became highly appreciated by other local wineries. Of course, he also made some wine for his family. There were no commercial ambitions, just pure passion and love for his land.
And right there in those vineyards, during the following years the connection between the families has become strong and long living. The sunny afternoons, spent among the rows, the days of harvest and all the occasions when they enjoy time together and wonderful panorama. From the original vineyard you can admire the whole territory, starting from the south of Naples to the sea and the beginning of the Sorrento Coast.
So, in 1996 Gaetano Palomba (Raffaele’s son) and Franco Monaco decided to found the Bosco De’ Medici cellar.

Our brand

The name of the winery comes from the discovery of a border sign where were carved the letter “M” and a crown, which is the emblem of the Medici, the noble dynasty from Florence that moved to the Kingdom of Naples in XVI century. That sign was found in a vineyard that was likely property of a branch of the Medici family. In the two following decades, after establishing the winery, Bosco de’ Medici continued to dedicate their efforts to the production of autoctone grapes, even after the death of Nonno Raffaele.
In 2014 the new generations of Palomba e Monaco took the helm. The sons of Gaetano and Franco, Antonio e Giuseppe completed the project: building of the cellar in Pompeii and launching the first official vintage of Bosco De’ Medici wines.
Antonio Monaco and Giuseppe Palomba finally gave a definite form to what that had been a dream of Nonno Raffaele: a wine made in Pompei, obtained from native grapes grown by the family.
In the first official vintage (harvest 2014) Bosco de’ Medici produced about 8,000 bottles. Since then, the production has slowly grown every year, reaching 28,000 bottles with the harvest 2019.

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