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In the shadow of Vesuvius, in the land that was of great peoples and noble dynasties, with dedication we take care of the vineyards and collect fine grapes. It’s a passion tempered by the force of nature, which produces wines with unique and inimitable character.


The history of our country is a history of great civilizations and great men. Here the grapevine, imported by the Greeks, grew lush donating high quality grapes and the ancient Romans produced wines celebrated by poets and writers. The passion of man challenged the nature and the vineyards climbed the slopes of Vesuvius sinking roots in its burning heart, in the fire that, in 79AD, fell on ancient Pompei and made it eternal.
In 1567, a branch of the Florentine Medici dynasty, moved to the Kingdom of Naples by purchasing an estate of it. Luigi de’ Medici, Prime Minister of the Kingdom, eager to enrich the wine cellar of the Neapolitan residence with noble wines of the feud gave the favourite nephew Giuseppe de’ Medici the task of raising the quality of the wines of the family. He used ingenuity and capital in improving Vesuvius’ wine and in a few years he carried out the task assigned in a magnificent way.
Since then the vineyard of the same name has always been a sign of higher quality and Azienda Agricola Bosco de’ Medici, after years spent in just cultivating and caring for the land, chose to vinify its grapes and revive with their wines the splendor of a timeless tradition.